Times, They are a Changing…

Halloween is over and it is time for change. The leaves are changing colors, the weather is getting colder, and our asses will begin to get larger. We should all have enough candy to last us until our Thanksgiving feast. It is at this time we will most likely up our pants size until the spring’s “get your body back craze” begins. I embrace these changes with an open heart and open mind. Throw out those rotting pumpkins, toss those expensive costumes in the dress-up bin, and throw out your razors ladies…its pants and sweatshirts time! No need to get those bi-weekly pedicures, because no one can see your little piggies through your cute new fall boots! Basically, we get to let ourselves go to shit for the next four months. Enjoy yourselves…it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Change is good my friends…change is good.

Do not mistake this post as me telling you to stop feeling good about yourself. Keep your self in check if that’s what is important to you. However, if you are going to change with the season, I suggest you have a back-up plan. Here’s mine: The minute I start to feel like I’ve lost my sexy, I’m going to go to the garage and get out the sledge hammer and lick it. 

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