Not in the Mood???

Try these excuses and techniques that will help get you out from between the “rock” and the “hard-on”

  1. I’m ovulating…right this very second…I can actually feel the egg moving down the tube just waiting for a stray to find it

  2. I totally forgot to buy razors the last few times I was at the store and things are getting a little “Duck Dynasty” down there

  3. If you wait until tomorrow night, we can do it however you want (this only works if you immediately come down with the flu by tomorrow night)

  4. Listen carefully to this one: Immediately pick up the phone, call his mother and let it ring…once it starts ringing hand him the phone and say, “your mom wants to talk to you.” Then leave the room. It will kill the mood everytime

  5. Turn on Saved by the Bell reruns…not only is the pun intended, but no one can focus on anything but Zach, Kelly, Lisa, Slater, Jessie, and Screech when that show is on…no joke

Women get tired sometimes and quite often, the last thing we want at the end of the day is to be touched. Keep these tricks handy when you find yourself in that type of situation. You can thank me later.

Disclaimer: If you are wanting some, or if you are trying to have a baby…then happy humping to you!



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