Is Your Relationship in Trouble?

Everyone reaches a point in their relationship when things get a little rocky. If it hasn’t come yet…it will. This is normal. Things can get better and I am going to give you some tips to help you make it right.

  1. If you are a man, then quit fucking doing whatever it is you are doing to piss her off. It’s not rocket science! Whatever you are doing that gets her blood boiling and her fists clenching…STOP IT! I mean it! Stop it right now!
  1. If you are a man, then clean something! My grandmother once told me, “there is nothing sexier than a man with a dish rag in his hand!” She was right. DO some laundry, and I don’t mean switch it over. I mean fold it and put it away…this will get your lady to fall in love with you all over again.
  1. If you are a man, just smile. Chances are, if you say something its going to be wrong anyway. So just shut the fuck up! Smile. Not only is it nice, but it’s not hard to do. There are only a few men that will actually be able to screw this one up.
  1. If you are a man, don’t buy her flowers. As soon as they die, it will just remind her that she was pissed at you before you bought the damn flowers. This is a band-aid solution. Don’t do it. If you want to buy her something, buy her jewelry, a new purse, book her an appointment at the spa. No flowers. Bad choice.
  1. If you are a woman, keep doing what you are doing. You haven’t done anything wrong. HE has! Make him read this and then go get prettied up for your day at the spa…he’ll stay home and do the laundry.

I hope this has been a helpful and useful tool on getting your relationship back on track. We all go through this. I mean look at Pretty Woman for pitysake. She was a hooker and he still screwed it up. Men need to learn these skills and then things will be fine. My thoughts are with you.

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