If our Great-Grandmothers would’ve had Facebook and Twitter when they were young mothers…

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164 thoughts on “If our Great-Grandmothers would’ve had Facebook and Twitter when they were young mothers…

  1. It definitely gave me a smile. My contribution:
    It’s just wild tonight in London! We run from one pub to another as fast as we can in the dark, and dance the Jitterbug, then head for the next one. The object is to avoid anything the Germans drop, and live to tell about it. It’s called the JitterBomb Boogie!
    #runningtobeattheband #wildtimes

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    • Aww…thanks. It’s funny because I had just come home from having neck surgery and was recovering and feeling like crap, but I thought I needed something to keep my mind off of, well, feeling like crap. It helped. 🙂


  2. I do worry that the next generation is going to be a little lost in the world of social media. Facebook didn’t touch my life until I was 20 but it has become a diary of all my landmarks and milestones of life. I didn’t set out for it to be the scrapbook it is now but id be sad to lose it if it did die.

    However the generation after me will never know a life without it. My sister gave birth to my first ever nephew last year, and from the instant he was squeezed into this world there was pictures of him on facebook. I doubt there have been a single day where there wasn’t a picture of him taken on a digital camera or social media outlet… and this i guess is the new norm.

    Thats great when you can look back at 30 when you did when you was 20-25 but imagine people being able to scroll back to your first pubic appearance in an ultra sound…..


    • This is so true, it really is the new norm. It is the same with my nephews and nieces. Recently the wife of a friend posted photos of her C-section to FB, that was just way too much information.
      Basically the way I look at it, Big Brother doesn’t have to work too hard, we do all the work for him! We have created our own Truman show, we put our entire lives on FB and twitter and instagram and snapchat etc. etc. etc. I’m not at all saying I am above this, I am completely and totally as guilty as the next person. Well… almost… I’m sorry but having updating your FB relationship status as part of your wedding ceremony is completely stupid, I am not guilty of that or even contemplating that! 🙂


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  4. This made my morning today and I am wondering what we will be trying to figure out one day once we are older. Thank you for posting.


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  6. very funny! “Cletus wants to watch Hee Haw…he needs the monitor…see yal later at the meetin’—to announce whose wallpaper design got chosen for the Annual “Food, Fun, Fuddyduddy Friday Night Follies.”


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