Say What? Questions from Little Boys

Can you survive without a head?

Do wiener dogs pee all day long?

Hey Dad, who do you think is prettier, Mom or Katy Perry?

What are balls for?

Why do girls shake their butts when they dance?

Since it’s almost summer, do we get to eat Nature Valley bars on a boat soon?

Sometimes you want to shut my mouth with your hands, don’t you?

Does it hurt when you poop out a baby?

Mommy, do you like the lines on your face?

Who is that man standing in the corner watching us? (there is no one there…OMG!)

Why does Disney World cost so much money to go to, if its for kids when kids don’t have jobs?

I don’t ever wanna get married, so can I just get divorced?

Can I just go to the casino with you and we can tell the people who work there that I am just a really short guy?

Can I watch T.V. all day long and see if I can feel my brain rotting?

What does 12 + 4567 + 987646 + 36253 + 1 + 999 + 764 +0 equal?

What if your butt was where your face was…and your face was where your butt was?

Since I’m not getting married, can I just adopt a child from the wilderness?

Do you send us to school all day long because you hate us and don’t want to see us?

Does God know if I’m thinking a bad word?

If I drink root beer, will I act like a silly idiot? Because if I will, then I want one.

How many days until my birthday? (Birthday was last week)

Does Hobby Lobby have a lobby in it?

Hey Mom, do you think I’m ever gonna get any swagger?

Mom, why do you wear booby underwear?

Do old people know they are going to die?

Will you just drop me off somewhere and see if I can find my way home, pa-leeeze??

Can we sell our house and move into an apartment…because Lebron James grew up living in an apartment?

Mom, if you had another baby would it be called a cub?

Hey Mom, would you please check the ingredients on our big brand dog food?

Mom, do your things (boobies) have babies in them?


These are all actual questions from my little boys. I’m going to appreciate these questions now, because I know they are only going to get tougher as they get older! Hit a share/like button if you like! Follow my blog or join  The Unbalancing Act on Facebook because it’s freaking fun!


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