10 Things That Make You Go Hmm…

  1. The piss that gets down on the sides and by the bolts of the toilet and you know it wasn’t you because you are a female and your lady bits cannot physically export urine down and around the sides of the toilet like that…but you still clean it up.

  2. When you take a sip of your kid’s drink and you can actually chew the contents.

  3. In a movie theater when you are there with your kids and super tall-man-giraffe sits right in front of your small child even though you are the only two families in the entire theater.

  4. When you step on a wet spot on your carpet and shiver.

  5. Smart cars.

  6. Looking at pics of people’s family vacations on Facebook and seeing how happy they are, but on your family trip it was miserable because one of your kids had fever and you and your hubby weren’t speaking because he can’t focus.

  7. The temperature at your “women’s visits.” It always so sweaty hot that by the time the doctor comes in that he has to peel you open as you’ve melted together.

  8. When people post something on Facebook like this, “Paulina is feeling-enraged.” And you are like, why? Wouldn’t Paulina say why she’s enraged? If I ask, would that be rude? Maybe she wants to keep her rage private?! But then why would she post it? 


  9. The fact that people willingly run for office.

  10. When there is a bike lane, yet the bicyclists still use the car lane…in traffic…causing all the cars to almost crash because they are avoiding the dude in the tight shorts who is NOT using the bike lane.

Hmm….that’s all I can say. If you like it then bitch-slap that button down there! Thanks! 

One thought on “10 Things That Make You Go Hmm…

  1. Man I wanted to slap that button for every thing on that list! Some of them multiple times.
    1. This makes me rage! In fact when I was younger and lived at home sharing a bathroom with my brothers I refused to clean the toilet.
    2. Gross, just gross, how does that happen every-time? Just last week I was minding my niece (1) and she passed me her sippy cup because it wasn’t working… there was munched up soggy pikelets in there ICK. How young is too young to start teaching kids to take their friends?
    5. I have totally figured out smart cars, I believe they are a multi-faceted test. If you can get into one without training to become a contortionist then you are smart, if you buy one you are not 🙂
    7. So many LOLs, so many. One I went to when I was shopping for a new Doc played relaxation music so I got to listen to “My heart will go on” played on pan-flutes. Just… no. No.
    8. Pretty sure this kind of passive aggressive status is de-friend-worthy 🙂
    10. I assumed this was just Darwinism in action 🙂


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