Awkward Moments and Why I Love Them So…

There are certain situations in life that may leave you feeling about as comfortable as a woman with a flaming UTI (the kind where it feels like someone poured Sriracha sauce into your urethra). However, in hindsight they can be pretty damn funny. I can’t help but love awkward moments. Here are some personal faves:

When someone asks, “What are you up to?”

And you reply, “Fine. How are you?”


When someone tries to call you and you don’t answer for whatever reason and then you look down and they are standing at your front door looking through the glass at you with your phone still ringing in your hand.


When you say, “Hey, I have that same shirt!”

And the person sweetly replies, “Thank you!”


When you run into a set of your child’s friends’ parents somewhere and you try to introduce them to your husband but you can’t for the love of all that is savory and delicious recall what the effing hell their names are, so you just tell them what your husband’s name is and pray they will take it from there.


When you are taking a leak in a public restroom and it is clear from all of your God-given senses that that the person next you is definitely working on a #2, but it’s gone silent. You can tell that they are trying to hold it in until you leave. (But you see their shoes and will later run into them knowing they just took a massive crap)


When you are in the parking lot and fight over a parking space with a fellow patron, giving each other evil looks and hand gestures and then you end up in line right next to each other at the checkout counter because its the only lane that’s open.


After going out to eat with a friend that you haven’t seen in a while and as you walk out to the car, no one really knows whether to hug or not so you just stand there dragging on a pointless conversation. You eventually cross your arms because someone has to make a damn decision about the hug and its better to send the “no hug” body language signal than to go for it with arms wide open, only to have them back away in uncomfortable rejection.


When a friend cancels plans on you because they think they have “strep throat” and then you see them tagged in a Facebook photo partying like a rockstar. And then you can’t possibly resist “liking” the photo.


When chatting with someone (an acquaintance, salesperson, anyone really) and while they are speaking, a spritz of saliva heaves out of their mouth and lands ever so delicately on your face. You don’t want to wipe it off in front of them and embarrass them even further, so you have to stand there with spit on your face until you can get away.

There are many more to list, it could go on and on… So many awkward moments, so little time.

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2 thoughts on “Awkward Moments and Why I Love Them So…

  1. Haven’t we all had those jackass friends who can’t see us and then let themselves get tagged somewhere on Facebook? 🙂 Like the status or the picture, EVERY SINGLE TIME. This made me laugh. Thank you!!


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