My Relationship Status…With Legos

Hoe-lee-moe-lee-wut-in-the-hay-ell was that??? Damn Lego. We’ve all been there. We’ve all cussed out a Lego in our minds or maybe even out loud after stepping on one. But what we must remember is that these little plastic bricks of wonder have also saved many ‘o mother from losing their shiz-nit. That is because Legos are like a party that never ends. The opportunities are truly endless and the kids love it. If you are anything like me, your relationship status with Legos…well ~ it’s complicated.

For example:

My three boys were playing Legos at the table last night while I was making a craptastic dinner. It kept them all busy and away from the stove. Love that. But then, well this happened…



So, he’s basically gonna shit a brick. Fortunately, it was a fluorescent green brick, so it should be easy to spot. It baffles me though, because he ate it on purpose! And it happened so fast, I couldn’t stop it. Granted, he is three and many people may gasp at my letting him play with these, but he has two older brothers and has NEVER put a Lego in his mouth before. He had every intention of swallowing that little sucker before he popped it in his food trap. I even heard him say “yummy” afterwards, so apparently they are tasty too. Who knew?

Then, there is the price. These are expensive as hell. You pay a fortune for a set, your child puts it together and then up in a “safe place.” All is well in Lego-land, at least until one of these completed masterpieces gets knocked the fuck out. My minion’s Batcave took a tumble off what we call the “forever shelf” one day and golly gee-whilickers, he cried so hard, you’d have thought he had just shot Old Yeller. I mean it was bad. I know he had worked hard on it and it was one of the first ones he ever got, so I could sympathize. But to be honest I was more traumatized because I was literally staring at a broken pile of 70 bucks. And I do NOT save instructions, which may be my own fault, but at that point it was too late. We were left with pieces that just got thrown into the “Lego drawer.” It’s a hard pill to swallow, or in our case I guess a hard Lego to swallow.

And then there’s the mess. When not finishing Lego sets in one sitting, there are piles of pieces that have to remain untouched, so the whole family has to basically work around a construction zone. That’s a pain in the ass, but do-able. But free play Lego building is when shit gets real. And by real, I mean if you turn your back for one millisecond, the room can look like El Nino tore through it and that ain’t good. Those little plastic bastards can take a LONG time to clean up. And who gets that job? The kids of course. But sometimes, you can’t handle situations like this…



You want that shit picked up, like right now. So you pitch in and tag team it, and then when you are finally done…they want to play Legos again.

Aah…the catch here is that even though they are messy, expensive, and swallowed, there are many benefits. They don’t have a screen (even though I don’t mind a little screen time). They don’t wear out or get old. My kids even play with a lot of ours from when we were little, and there is something about them that feels right, maybe nostalgic even.  I still love trying to make houses with the little flowers that you stick in the grass, and my front doors that end up backwards every damn time. The best part though, is that it keeps them busy. So I guess taking the good with the bad is part of the game.

There are a lot of feelings I have when it comes to these colorful sons o’ bitches. And don’t even get me started on when I see a stray piece on the floor while vacuuming, ’cause I suck that shit up. Even though they are pricey, I’m too lazy to bend down when one’s left behind. It really is a twisted relationship.

One thing’s for sure, I won’t be getting away from Legos anytime soon. That’s because A. I have to keep an eye out for the fluorescent green one that should soon depart from my son’s colon, and B. My 7 year-old just got a new Minecraft Lego set for his birthday. Looks like these will remain a part of my life as the new construction zone is currently being set up. I just have to be sure to keep a close eye on my 3 year-old in case he gets another craving for plastic. And Good Golly Miss Molly, there’s a shit ton of pieces in this mo’ fo’ and the directions are LONG …because well ~ it’s complicated.

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3 thoughts on “My Relationship Status…With Legos

  1. Kristen, I can completely relate. Lucky for you almost all the Lego instructions can be found on the interwebs. If something falls off the forever shelf again, find the instructions online, load it up on the iPad and hand it to the kid. They WILL find a way to fix it.

    In the long run Legos will be worth the pain and expense. I wrote about that very thing in a story called “Why Legos Matter.” You can read it here:

    As for picking a Lego out of your punctured heel in the dark… there I can’t help you.


  2. Ha! Yes! My kids go thru Lego phases that are spaced so far apart that the time they aren’t playing Legos dwarfs the time that they decide they want to build something. But God forbid I toss them and deprive them of their once-a-year Lego making frenzy.


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