National Give A Mom A Nap Day 2015. I’m Starting This. Get Involved.

To the tired and exhausted, to the sleep-walking and sleep-deprived, to the moms out there holding on by a mere thread…I propose to you, National Give A Mom A Nap Day. Sunday. October 11th, 2015.

This day will require a loved one, or trusted friend or family member to come over to a mom’s house and take over all duties while mother goes to their room and takes a nap. This needs to be a full sleep involving an REM phase, not simply a light slumber. Mothers should not be interrupted, bothered, or awakened for any reason that is non-life threatening. If the children are loud, the “nap-giver” could take the children out of the house for an activity to allow for mother’s maximum relaxation.

There will be critics. I can just see their cynical scrunched up faces now…saying shit like,

“Well that’s what Mother’s Day is for.”

I will quickly shut down this resistance by informing these skeptics that most mothers do NOT sleep on Mother’s Day. Many mothers spend that day with their children doing something special, or bouncing around to their own mother’s and mother-in-law’s houses delivering flowers, wine, and well wishes. After all, we put others first and often times mothers spend that day, ensuring everyone ELSE feels remembered and loved.

Look at it this way, there is National Take Your Kids To Work Day, National Puppy Day, National Margarita Day, National Coffee Day, National Son and Daughter Day…and Ahoy me hearties! There’s even a National Talk Like A Pirate Day. Shiver me effing timbers.

Let’s. Get. Real. Folks.

Everybody loves puppies, and coffee, and margaritas and everyday is our kids’ day. National Give A Mom A Nap Day is not only beneficial to mothers everywhere, but would be a great reset button for the entire family. A rested mommy, is a happy mommy. But right now, we are really fucking tired mommies and we are dragging ass. Many of us haven’t slept a full night sleep since we can remember. Naps are like unicorns. We know they have to exist somewhere in our wildest imagination, but we’ll never come close to one.

Until now.

Not a mom? No problem. Be a nap-giver. Get involved. Help a special mom in your life. This can’t happen without you.

Let’s celebrate National Give A Mom a Nap Day and make the world a better place, one nap at a time. Hit share, spread this shit like wildfire. And let’s let OTHERS do for us for once. Come on ladies…it’s our turn now.

National “Give A Mom A Nap Day” is Sunday, October 11th 2015.

And come join me on Facebook where I talk about lots of fun mommy shit!

Take back the nap…and fluff those pillows ladies.

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