About Kristen Lynn

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Hey there, I am Kristen. I am a mother of three boys. I know, I know…but don’t take pity on me. I love it.  I was made for this shit. I am very into mothers supporting other mothers, but not so much on judging them…unless they just totally suck. I live and breathe for my kids and have rocked the “stay-at-home-mom” thing for the last 7 years.  This motherhood thing is a journey for all of us, whether you are a working mom, a single mom, a step-mom, or an octo-mom, it’s hard and fun and crazy and exhausting…and I love every minute of it.  Except at two o’clock in the morning…sometimes I don’t love that.

I write what I think, not necessarily what I say and therefore I am an unfiltered train wreck.  I have a passion for laughing, like gut laughing until I cry. I’m usually so tired that this happens simultaneously without any certain cause. I also have an important mission in this world to advocate for people with Tourette’s Syndrome. It is a cause that is very near and dear to my heart. I also have an unhealthy addiction to Diet Coke, which doesn’t sound that bad, but the numbers would shock you!

My fiction novel, The Unbalancing Act is now available for download in the Kindle Store!!! Check it out unless you hate laughing…or are offended by bad words…or just hate books. But otherwise…get on it! Thanks!

15 thoughts on “About Kristen Lynn

  1. Looking forward to exploring your blog. I had a son who had Cerebral Palsy and I worked as a Special Education Advocate and Trainer to families and teachers. Soooo anyone who advocates for others and has a sarcastic sense of humor is a well rounded person in my book.


    • Thank you so much. I’ve learned that sometimes humor is the only way to get through.It does get hard, but it is worth it. My son has Tourette’s Syndrome. Whether this sounds cliche or not, I believe that these children, whether it’s cerebral palsy, autism, Down Syndrome, tourette’s, etc. are ours for a reason. I think they are “wonder kids” and are amazing. 🙂


      • I couldn’t agree more. Our son caused me to write from the day he was born. He also lead me down a path I would have never wanted to explore – oh the things that we have seen, and felt, and heard. ❤


  2. Kristen,

    Thank you for following my blog!

    I’m new to this crazy world of blogging and your “follow” brought me some much needed encouragement!!

    I’m enjoying your post and hope you post something new soon… no pressure… take your time… but soon!



  3. Oh my gosh. You are just perfect! Going through your blog is something I look forward to every day. I’m glad I’m not the only one out there that screams obscenity’s in my head as I wash the same load of laundry for the third time because I just can’t seem to find the energy to put the clothes in the dryer..

    You’re a savior. For real.


    • How did this just now come through! I tried to reply days ago! Anyways, thank you for your kind words. Once in a while I get afraid to publish something and then a comment like this comes along and I’m like..alright…let’s do it. 🙂 lol! Thanks girl!!!


  4. Hi, I’ve subscribed to your blog and been reading you. I love it! One off-topic question I have, if you don’t mind me picking your bloggers brain: how did you get the “subscribers button?” Are you on WordPress.com? I’d like to include that feature on my blog too, but was told I’d have to shift over to WordPress.org. At the bottom of your newsletters, it says you’re on WordPress.com. I’d love to add that feature to my blog. Do you mind guiding me on how you did this?



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